Our Vendors

Some vendors only come to OBFM once a month. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn who’s coming each week. Many of our vendors encourage customers to order ahead to avoid the disappointment of having a product sell out early.

All Good Craft Granola Bars In 2018 Bryan started making granola bars for family, friends and co-workers using the leftover grain from batches of home-brewed beer.  Over time, he played around with the recipe and started working on new flavors.  In 2019, demand for the bars increased beyond his ability to supply grains from my own homebrews. That’s when he decided to reach out to the strong craft beer community in Southeastern Virginia for help. All Good serves 3 main purposes: To create delicious, healthy snacks for everyone to enjoy everywhere, to share a love of local craft breweries and to support sustainability efforts within our communities. www.allgoodgranolabars.com

Blooming Farmer brings the freshest flowers right from their Farm in Cape Charles Va

Buck and Bramble Soaps Buck & Bramble offers quality bar soaps with wholesome, natural ingredients at a reasonable price. Each batch of our artisan soap is made with pure vegetable oils, luxurious goat’s milk, and infused with natural botanical ingredients. Our soaps are gentle and moisturizing, perfect for everyday use in the kitchen, bathroom and shower, but also for those looking for a sensible alternative to chemical-based soaps.​We use only natural essential oils and phthalate-free fragrances, and never any Sodium Laurel Sulfate or petroleum-based ingredients. www.buckandbramble.com

Creative Wedge, located at 630 Hilltop West, carries outstanding Virginia cheeses. Owners Sloane Solanto and Barbara Densley promise to stock OBFM customer favorites. THE CREATIVE WEDGE, located at 630 Hilltop West, carries outstanding Virginia cheeses. Owners Sloane Solanto and Barbara Densley promise to stock OBFM customer favorites. sloane@thecreativewedge.com

Croc’s 19TH Street Bistro hosts Old Beach Farmers Market in its parking lot. Laura and Kal Habr, Croc’s owner/operators, sell Chicken Tawook sandwiches and other Lebanese street food along with hard-to-find Virginia wines and beers. info@crocs19thstreetbistro.com

Cromwell’s Produce sells seasonal vegetables at its farm stand (3116 New Bridge Road in Virginia Beach) and at OBFM.  John Cromwell farms 60 acres of grain and vegetables. JWCJR11@verizon.net

Dee’s Peanut Butter offers handcrafted peanut butter, sourced with local, Virginia peanuts. While the White Chocolate/Coconut/Macadamia is an all-time customer favorite, she has vegan, gluten free and no sugar added flavors available as well! deesnutspb@gmail.com

Elizabeth Eats Elizabeth Eats is a health food company that focuses is creating products “For the Love of G.O.O.D.” All the products are Gluten free, Organic, made with Only natural sugars, and are Gluten free (Get it? G.O.O.D!). Started by a young female entrepreneur in her senior year of high school, Elizabeth began at the Old Beach Farmers Market selling products ranging from baked goods to raw treats, and even homemade ice cream bars! Elizabeth Eats products are currently sold in various locations in the Virginia Beach and Richmond areas. At such locations you can find her homemade, hand crafted to drizzly perfection, oh so creamy nut butters. Stay up to date with all things Elizabeth Eats by following @elizabetheatsgood on Instagram.

Empowered Plant Cakes Over the years, Paige has explored her talents in music, art, and plant-based foods. She started her first business, Love Paige Art, a hand painted clothing company at 16. In 2015, her love for plant-based foods became a reality when she was responsible for crafting the menu for her family’s business, The Green Cat. There she was able to discover and explore her passion for plant based and raw foods. Empowered Plant Cakes became a reality in 2018. She hopes you can taste the love in each bite she makes! www.empoweredplantcakes.com

Everling Coastal Farm produces craft pressed, small batch Artisan Oils. We are proud to offer you the healthiest and highest quality culinary oils available, all pressed and bottled in our Virginia Beach, VA shop. Using the cold pressed method, we produce extra virgin Pecan, Sunflower, and seasonally, Pumpkin Seed Oils. All seeds and nuts are non-GMO, sourced locally when possible. Know your farmer and where your food comes from!! https://everlingcoastalfarm.com/

Fresh Crunch Stock your pantry, freezer, picnic basket or cooler with Fresh Crunch specialty foodshttps://www.freshcrunchfood.com/

Fritillary Farm is a fruit and vegetable farm focused on agro-ecological principles. Acres of produce & high tunnels are broken up by fields of native wildflowers like passionflower, the host plant of the Farm’s namesake – the Fritillary butterfly!

From Rome With Love features homemade baked goods based on small town secret recipes from Rome, NY. Holiday cookies and fresh breads made with love! Fromromewithlovebakery@gmail.com

Full Quiver Farm in Suffolk has pasture-raised, hormone-free and antibiotic-free poultry, rabbit, pork and beef as well as eggs. Allison and Scott Wilson and their nine children work the farm. scott.wilson@fullquiverfarm.com

Gateaux Bakery is a French inspired bakery & cafe offering decadent cakes, pastries, scones, cookies, pies, macarons, quiches, artisan breads, sandwiches & more. www.gateaux-cakes.com

Grace & Gratitude grows herbs, flowers and seasonal vegetables on a 2-acre urban homestead. Mother/daughter duo Carolyn and Kayleigh Felderman also do beautiful things with what they grow whether it is centerpieces of succulents or etched pumpkins. grdngertie@aol.com

Honest Pastures We founded Honest Pastures on our love of compassionate quality vegan food. We have been working on developing our vegan meat products for over 6 years. honestpastures.com

It Started With A Fig began in response to an avalanche of fruit. Lori Golding Zontini dealt with the bounty by making delicious jam and soon expanded to other local fruits in inventive combinations. Spreadthejam1@gmail.com

Joysicles Gourmet Pops  Monica Gilliam launched Joysicles in 2017 when she was unable to find a healthy treat to reward her daughter, Joy, for not crying after receiving a shot. She saw a need and set out to fill it. A passionate cook, Gilliam began her research by channeling her childhood in Brazil into unusual flavor combinations like Sweet Corn Coconut and Peach Jalapeño. She branched out from there by embracing the bounty of local fruits and flavors. Joy is always a willing taste tester. Joysicles757@gmail.com

Lamia’s Crepes  Algerian-born, Lamia (say it like llama with a “me” in the middle) lived in Paris when she was a child and learned the art of pouring batter onto a circular griddle and spreading it with a t-shaped wooden rake, then adding filling and carefully folding the cooked crêpe, from her babysitter. “I love to eat them so much!” she gushes. “I always make crêpes for my family and friends.” To find out more visit us at the market! http://www.lamiascrepes.com/

Maha Kombuucha Company  is Virginia Beach’s premier kombucha company offering customers 6 delicious flavors and limited edition seasonal varieties. We brew our kombucha using only organic ingredients and implementing a Zero Waste business model helping everyone Live Life Lighter. We look forward to meeting you at the market. mahakombuchaco@gmail.com

Max the Knife Sharpening services for Kitchen Knives, Scissors: Household/Industrial, Axes, Filet Knives, garden equipment. maxtheknife2012@gmail.com

Micro Greens of VB On Saturday mornings you’ll find Jack talking about the thing he loves most, Micro Greens. He has a variety of flavors like sweet popcorn, spicy mustard, arugula and more! microgreensvb@gmail.com

Orchid Station, is a family-run wholesale nursery growing orchids for retail businesses in the DC area. The greenhouses are located in Barboursville, VA, and Kathy Philhour or another family member drives to OBFM once a month from April through October. sales@orchidstation.com

Pilgrim Bread starts with family. Our own family embodies the spirit of hospitality, gathering people of all kinds and backgrounds to share meals, celebrate, create, and build. There are always people coming in and out of the door! Our table is a space of welcoming and giving time, resources and space. Our bread is made of three ingredients: flour, water and salt. Partnering with regional grain farmers to get the best heritage and heirloom grains and bolster local agricultural economic health. Besides these three ingredients, our specialty loaves are made with a variety of organic seeds and fruit. www.pilgrimbread.com

Seafield Farm We have a small family farm located on the seaside of Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore of VA. We grow vegetables, raise hens, keep bees & make art. Casey is the farmer and I am the artist. seafieldfarmva@gmail.com

Speedy’s Hot Sauce is the creation of Jimmy Miller who adds a bartender’s knowledge of flavor profiles to create hot sauces that offer more than simply heat. The original #44 is a smoky carrot-based habanero sauce mellowed with peaches and roasted red peppers. Honey Habanero #45 is also smoky but sweetened with honey. Citrus Jalapeno #46 is bright, zesty and mild. mailto:jimmy@speedyshotsauce.com

SunnySnacks Organics owner Liz McNulty sells “creatively clean” cereals, trail mixes, energy balls, and hummus in unique and delicious flavors. All products are organic, non-GMO, and vegan. Many are Paleo and Whole 30-approved. www.facebook.com/sunnysnacksorganics

Udder Chaos raise Angus Beef Cows right on our farm from calf to adult cow. They are Grass & Hay fed. We also have free range chickens that are fed Non-GMO feed. udderchaosfarms@aol.com

Wild Earth Fermentation Partners, Grant Collier & Bri McCarthy left their jobs in Washington, DC to bicycle around the Country in 2015. After visiting farms and exploring American cities, they became even more passionate about sharing fermented foods with their friends and family. Having dabbled in agriculture and fermenting in college and afterwards, they wanted to mix their interest in local, sustainable food systems with the magic of fermentation. They now live and grow in the Fulton Hill neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia and hope to continue to spread the joy of local fermented foods with their community and beyond for many years to come. www.wildearthfermentation.com

Whole Body Health Tracy Kiser, a holistic wellness coach, is known as a nutrition expert, accountability coach, mentor, Reiki master, essential oil educator, athlete, and chef — Tracy developed a passion for making food that not only nourished her family, but that healed them from the inside out and encouraged a life-long relationship with healthy food.

For years, Tracy has used her organic & clean cuisine as a platform to reach out to others with a “food as medicine” mentality. She utilizes a whole body approach to achieve optimal health, wellness, and most of all, happiness, by healing the body through nutrition, movement, spiritual awareness, and an overall balance.

Market Fare highlights for Whole Body Health include variety of Vegan Hippie Crack Chocolate infused with essential oils and more.  Plant based energy balls come in seasonal and year round flavors, a selection of various gluten-free granola, homemade 36 hour local beef bone broth and the market famous Pop Pickles. Every market brings seasonal surprises along with everyone’s staples. wholebodyhealth@verizon.net

Whole-ly Rollers bakes heavenly yeast rolls. Owner/baker Brenda Hartford of Chesapeake was inspired by her grandmother’s recipe and memories of her light hand working the dough.http://www.whole-lyrollers.net